Sapien’s services include a support desk open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (Australian EST)

Support phone: 03 4505 2417

OR you can fill in the form below

Remote support available via Team Viewer – Download Team Viewer: Sapien TeamViewer


All clients receive one on one on-boarding with continual check-ins throughout their first year of operation.

Webinars are available upon request and will soon be available ‘on demand’ through the SapienCloud login.

We run training days in association with major field days throughout Australia and are happy to attend any clients who wish to host field day’s or training on their properties.


Sapien Downloads

KoolComport: If you are having Comport difficulties or would like a simple program to see what your reader and scales are doing, download our free KoolComport program.

Keyspan drivers: If you are using a keyspan device and need the drivers, download them from here: 4 Port Driver (Win-XP)  4 Port Driver (Win 7) Single Port Keyspan Driver

PedigreeScan users: Download PedigreeScan software here.