Sapien TSi2+

The worlds fastest livestock recording system.

The Sapien TSi2+ is an All-in-One unit that streamlines in yard data capture. Bringing the advantages of KoolCollect onto Gallagher’s TSi hardware format to provide a simple and robust crush-side data collection and decision making unit.



About the Sapien TSi2+:

  • Utilises KoolCollect; the fastest crushside data collection software and integrates with other KoolSoftware
  • Offers faster, better hardware than standard TSi units
  • Features improved reporting capabilities including custom reports
  • Is supported by Sapien’s knowledgeable Australian help desk team

“Sapien and KoolCollect are a great fit for our operation. What’s great about Sapien is the support they provide and the system updates that keep us current with the most recent research.”

Michael Craig

Tuloona Pastoral

Feature List

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Sapien TSi2+ Features:

  • Live weight capture
  • Chemical treatment log
  • Full history against each animal
  • Updated user interface
  • Simple and streamlined operation
  • Connect to load cells, RFID readers, drafters/handlers

Never let data collection slow you down.