Online cataloging made easy.

KoolView enables you to generate On-Line catalogues for your seeedstock operation directly from the data in your KoolSoftware products including KoolCollect and KoolPerform



About KoolView

  • Create up-to-date On-line catalogues quickly and easily.
  • Embed catalogues within your own website or email catalogue links.
  • Stop directing potential customers to websites that contain competitors products.

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“With KoolView our website is always up to date with the latest catalogue data. The content flows seamlessly from our herd recording software, KoolPerform, and ensures that our customers remain focused on what we have available for sale.”

Hamish McFarlane, Te Mania Angus

KoolView Features

KoolView uses the information in the Sapien Cloud from KoolCollect and KoolPerform to build on-line catalogues.  The catalogues include both high level listings of animals for sale or seedstock sires as well as drill down content that can include:

Pedigree  •  EBV  •  Traits  •   Photos  •  Videos  •  Detailed Descriptions  •  Custom content


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