• KoolStock

    A simple tool to provide easy access to your information through your smartphone.



About KoolStock

KoolStock is a smartphone app for individual animal management. It allows our clients to retrieve their individual animal data from the SapienCloud wherever and whenever they need it.

A simple tool to set alerts, tag offspring at birth and record your chemical inventory.

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KoolStock Features

Want to view animals and their figures in the paddock or yards?

The KoolStock app allows you to

  • review your animal’s pedigree and breeding values
  • review your Society registration details
  • set an alert for when the animal is next handled in the yards! No double entry.

Tagging lambs or calves at birth?

The KoolStock App will

  • have a list of your pregnant females and you enter when they lamb or calve
  • enter the details of the offspring, Tag id, weight, sex, etc
  • provide counts of how many to go, how many twins, how many dry.

Buying chemicals to use in the yards?

  • With the KoolStock app, when chemicals arrive or are picked up at the shop, enter the details there and then into your phone.  All sync’d to KoolCollect for dosing out in the yards.
  • Running low on chemicals? Not sure what is left?  KoolStock shows you, so you can make sure you have enough.

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