• KoolScan

    Record analyse and compare your preg scanning results.

KoolScan enables you to record, analyse and compare your pregnancy scanning results.

KoolScan is a smartphone app used by your preg scanning contractor to record your mob or individual based pregnancy results along with information such as ewe breed, sire breed, age and condition score. This data is then sent and stored for you in the SapienCloud.

Your results are sent straight to your inbox and are available to view at www.sapiencloud.com.au at any time. Later on in the season you will be able to compare your results to others in your region who are also using KoolScan preg scanners.


  • Easily visualise your preg scan results
  • Compare your results year on year
  • Review benchmarks for your region
  • Track individuals year to year performance if using eID
  • Review lifetime performance for each individual ewe with eID


Participating preg scanning contractors:

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If you are a preg scanning contractor and would like to find out more about how KoolScan can support your business please contact us.