Overcoming the myths about in-yard data collection – 2

Myth 2: In yard data collection is labour intensive.

Much of the technology used for in-yard data collection is geared towards automation.  In fact, Sapien Technology have analysed the processing times for scanning tags, recording weights and administering a treatment. The average processing time is 158 animals per hour (across 800 animals) with a top speed of 198 animals per hour.  This includes being alerted to any previous comments and withholding periods and reviewing the weight gain for each individual.  All achieved with one operator at the crush doing everything and one person pushing cattle up.

Using NLIS tags as the primary ID, allows the producer to connect all the relevant devices such as scanner, weigh scales and data reporting system to work together and provides a simple and automated solution for data capture and reporting.

Even if you are not using all of this gear, feeding data into a software system will eliminate mistakes and double handing of data, saving you time.