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1. Educate yourself.Educate yourself

We have put together some articles below to get you started but there is plenty of material on the internet:

Read more of Robert’s articles here.

Also check out sites like:



2. Set some goals.Set goals

Having goals and a plan set in place for implementing eID in your operation will make the process run a lot more efficiently.


3. Get lots of advice.

There are many people already involved with eID technology. Speak to those producers who have experience working with eID and are at different stages of implementation.  Use your industry network groups to consider the options and opportunities and invite users to share their knowledge. Check out case studies and consider different perspectives on how you might use it.

We are happy to answer questions or you can speak to one of the many livestock consultants that have experience in the field. This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the consultants that we have worked with are:

Achieve Ag Solutions, AgInnovateAgriPartner ConsultingCousins Merino Services, Meridian AgSheepMatters,

You can also Contact us with any questions you may have.


4. Review your options.Review your options

Review your options and ensure the steps you are taking are going to set you up on the right eID path.

Consider advice from multiple sources so you are not just getting the ‘sales’ pitch and be honest about your own capabilities.

Don’t rush in and buy everything immediately, consider the equipment you already have and ensure anything you are interested in is going to be compatible with any future additions or legacy equipment.  Most of all make sure what you invest in, will give you the answers you need.