Case Studies

Improve Fertility

Avago Station has been a client of Sapien Technology since 2012 and has been using KoolCollect to measure and manage fertility in their commercial Brahman herd. Roxie
Holzwart, joint owner of Avago Station, decided that to improve their business they had to change what they were doing. “If you keep doing the same things, then you should expect the same result”.

Roxie decided to start measuring fertility in the herd at each muster. “We needed to be measuring our performance if we were to improve it” says Roxie. Initially they used pencil and paper which proved to be virtually impossible when you have over 3000 commercial cattle. “With RFID tags we could record the information a whole lot easier”. As the data started to pile up, Roxie started looking for software to help manage and make decisions. Roxie compared a number of software packages, but was  convinced KoolCollect was the best choice when she rang the office and got “someone enthusiastic on the phone who understood what we were trying to do and wanted to help solve our problems”.

The KoolCollect software now helps Roxie to cull out those non-performing females and to select those higher-performing females for use in the stud herd. At muster time the decisions are easy; each cow is rated based on her fertility history and the drafting parameters are pre-set in the software.

Avago Station recently received the The North Australian Beef Research Council ‘Producer Medal’ for embracing research projects to improve profitability on their property which was bought as a bare block in 1987.

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