• icon-collectKoolCollect

    Designed for use in the yards.

    KoolCollect integrates with your readers and scales to automate the capture of critical information. Fast recording with audio and visual cues. All your information available crush side when you need it.
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  • aus made icon100% Australian 

    Made and owned.

    All of Sapien’s products are proudly designed and developed in Australia.

  • KoolPerform

    Designed for seedstock producers.

    KoolPerform provides detailed data analysis, reporting and sharing capabilities.
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  •  icon-pedscanKoolStock

    Information available on the move at any time.

    KoolStock is a free app that allows you to access your animal’s data from the SapienCloud.

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Sapien Technology is a trusted technology partner providing individual animal management software and hardware solutions across the supply chain.

Our customers make better decisions and run more efficient operations because of the insight our innovative solutions provide.





KoolCollect is the leading data collection software program built to make mustering and inventory management more efficient. Make crushside collection easier and faster.

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“We needed to measure our performance if we were going to improve it.”

Roxie Holzwart, Avago Station



Sapien Solutions

Real benefits: by recording data on your individual animals year on year you can build fertility histories to know exactly who is consistently producing calves and who is costing you money. Improve your fertility with Sapien’s solutions.

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“We have been using KoolCollect & KoolPerform now for a few years. It has revolutionised our data management. Cant beat it.”

Robert Pocock, Lampata Poll Merinos



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“Sapien’s program, KoolCollect, allows us to save time, especially when dealing with lots of animals. It also allows us to turn data into information in a much more efficient manner.”

Hamish McFarlane, Team Te Mania



“Using Sapien’s programs has given us the ability to record much higher quality information from which we can make more effective decisions.” 

John Buxton, AK Farming